The 5 best WordPress builders

At the beginning, coding knowledge was essential for building web sites, even just a simple web page. People had to get assistance of web developers to build a web page for their business. Eventually WordPress page builder was introduced that turned designing into a more visual procedure.

This allowed web developers to be more comfortable in designing and building web sites and to save time as they did not have to work with CSS and HTML for even the smallest changes. Even beginners and small business owners can create their own websites for their businesses without having to rely on developers because they can create wonderful sites just by dragging and dropping elements like images, texts, columns, videos and much more.

Using these visual page builders users can easily create even an eCommerce web site just by using WooCommerce product galleries, carts, countdowns for most recent product lunches and navigational menus to navigate throughout the site. The best page builders will allow users to reposition columns and contents, resizing, column configuration and much more just by using your mouse.

Following are the five best and most recommended page builders which you can use to create your dream web site.

  1. Beaver Builder

Beaver builder is one of the most effective page builders out there in the market. This robust builder will allow you to build creative web pages that will suite all your business types. Just drag and drop elements to build your site. It gives you control over your design by allowing you to choose modern and beautiful templates that you desires. The precision of Beaver Builder with the visual builder puts it in the front as one of the most effective builders.

Live, front end editing is the basic quality of Beaver Builder. You don’t have to click on preview button to see what your design is like. What you see in editing is what you get as the end product. There’s also responsive editing where you can see how your site will look in different devices like mobile, pc or tablet screen. WooCommerce support gives user the ability to create state of the art eCommerce web site will improve your business. Beaver builder also provide with the option of saving and reusing rows, and modules and utilizing short-codes which will make it much more easier for users.

Aside from all the plus points mentioned above, Beaver Builder is also consisting with an open API, import/ export feature, and reusable templates adding to its value as a great page builder.

Why Choose Beaver Builder:

  • The live, frontend editing enable you to both edit and view the design at the same time so you can save your time.
  • WooCommerce support will provide you with all the things needed to build yourself a nice eCommerce website.
  • Drag and drop modules allow you to add images, text, galleries, accordions, separators, contact forms, subscribe forms, menus, posts and much more.
  • You can choose a template out of hundreds of templates in the portfolio to build your website.
  • Save your layout, rows and modules and use them again and again. This feature will allow you to build multiple web sites that use same features with lesser time and lesser effort.

2. Divi

Divi by Elegant Themes is a page builder that provide endless number of layouts. Users can use any of these themes as they like. Users are also provided with 46 content modules like accordion, testimonial, audio player, comments, portfolio and much more.

Both professional developers and newcomers enjoy Divi because it’s a superior visual editor than most of the other visual editors. With Divi, users don’t have to know anything about coding. Also, users can add their own custom CSS as they like to produce a completely unique element or template. Just like Beaver Builder, Divi also has the option of duplicating and copying any element along with the ability to hide or lock modules on the backend to keep others from editing.

Why Choose Divi:

  • Divi has 46 content modules along with one of the largest libraries of website elements. Choose what you like and create fabulous websites you like.
  • Unlimited templates.
  • Duplicate, reuse and hide elements.
  • Unlimited redo and undo. Revise back any of the past revisions and come back to the current revision.

3. Elementor

Elementor is a simple yet powerful page builder. It has fast interfaces which makes user to complete their work quickly. Like all the other page builders, elementor is also consist of features like headline, text, dividers, gradient background etc. Elementor has a responsive editing feature that allows user to create web pages which would look good in any device. It has a large template library where users can select their desired template for their sites.

Elementor is consist of plugins for maintenance, landing pages and coming soon pages so user doesn’t have to crate them by themselves. You can save modules and user them again making you work easily and without much effort. WooCommerce compatibility allows users to create stunning eCommerce web sites within minutes. Live editor will show all the things you edit on the editing which proves that elementor is great as a visual page builder.

Why Choose Elementor:

  • User can choose templates and/ or create their own template for the business.
  • Live design experience.
  • Plugins for maintenance, coming soon, and landing pages are already included in elementor..
  • Save edited widgets to be used all over your website.
  • More than 26 widgets to choose from including buttons, galleries and much more.
  • Users can translate their websites to dozens of other languages.

4. Visual Composer

Visual Composer is enjoyed by both veterinary web developers and beginners alike as a good page builder. Users are provided with over 100 predefined layouts and over 40 grid design templates to build their websites. They can also get advantage of over 50 premium content elements and many third party add-ons to create state of the art web sites for their requirements. Backend editor of visual composer is a grid-based interface where users can drag and drop modules while the frontend shows the real time view where users can make the adjustments.

As like most of the other page builders, zero coding knowledge is needed to create a web site using visual composer. Suppose you want a more unique look for your web site. Simply work with custom CSS and javascript to create your own website that will boost your sales.

Why Choose Visual Composer:

  • Drag and drop elements to manage the layout.
  • Three editors are provided; backend editor, frontend editor and the tree view.
  • Add custom CSS and javascript both locally and globally to create unique designs.
  • Zero coding knowledge is needed.
  • Hide elements to restrict editing and save elements to use them again and again.

5. WP Page Builder

WP Page Builder is the free page builder introduced by WordPress. It is a great page builder that can compete against all other page builders in the market.

The simple design as well as the toolbar will allow the user to understand it easier so anyone with or without proper knowledge can work with it. Library section has the function to save any row having a set of add-ons at any time allowing you to save your time.

Users can create a web site just by dragging and dropping elements. Also the predesigned blocks and layouts help users to create great designed within a small amount of time. You can create your ideal website effortlessly using this great WordPress page builder.

Why Choose WP Page Builder:

  • Frontend editing allows users to visually inspect what they create which makes it lot easier to decide where to put components correctly.
  • Users can drag and drop elements, blocks, layout and much more to create their websites.
  • You can hide elements to not allow them for editing which is great for the security of your site.
  • Can use the predesigned layouts and blocks so users can save their time.
  • Free add-ons make you save not just time but also your money.
  • Zero coding skills are needed to create a website using WP page builder. Skilled developers and beginners alike can use this builder to produce their desired web site within minutes. You can also use custom CSS to create a unique design just for you.

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