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The ability to build websites within minutes without pouring hours and hours of time into coding sounds like a fantasy to web developers and designers. But it has come to a reality . With beaver builder you can produce high quality websites without writing a single code within a few minutes. With creative designs and fast performance, this page builder will suite any type of business in any scale; from small one page websites to more advanced eCommerce sites.

There are a lot of features in beaver builder that makes it a great page builder. Below are a few important benefits of beaver builder. Let’s go through them to understand why users choose beaver builder over many other page builders in the market.

User friendly

The problem with WordPress is that it’s hard to understand at first if you don’t have some prior experience. But the beaver builder is highly user friendly. Anyone can navigate its user interface with or without good knowledge. It can be used by developers, designers, freelancers, and anyone that want to build a website of their own. Also it can be used in eCommerce sites, blogs and other website alike. Beaver builder is also developer friendly. If you are a developer, you can build your websites without much hassle. It is a stable platform with clean code and organized CSS,JS and PHP coding. With this, you don’t have to work in a messy environment like you usually do when building websites from scratch.

Fast website building

Beaver builder is fast. With drag and drop functionality, it can produce a full fledged website within a short amount of time. Visual editing helps the user to inspect the final product as they are building the website. It saves a lot of time. Easy to navigate UI makes it much easier to find all the components you need to build your website. Beaver builder comes with Beaver Themer. That means you can get everything that needs to make a quality website at the same place. It also works with other themes like Genesis, page builder framework and much more which initiates efficient website building. With ready made templates to choose for any type of website and import/export features that will allow you to save and reuse your modules ,columns, templates beaver builder exercise fast website building

No shortcodes

In the past, page builders associated with WordPress used shortcodes to add content to pages. The problem was if page builder was deactivated, content will be a bundle of shortcodes which is not a good look for websites. Beaver builder overcomes this by not having shortcodes. If you somehow deactivate beaver builder content will be present in the website except for the styling. This helps to maintain the website at least partially in the event of a sudden deactivation. Since there are uncertainties when working with internet like server breakdowns and in this event, sudden deactivation, not having shortcodes is a great benefit.

Tutorials and support

Beaver builder is a popular page builder. This popularity has gathered a community for itself which gives great support regarding anything about beaver builder. There are lot of tutorials about beaver builder in YouTube, Facebook ,support forums, blogs and much more. The ProBeaver newsletter is a great source of resource you can use to understand about beaver builder. These tutorials will help you to build websites using beaver builder successfully. They will also give information on topics like how to connect other themes with beaver builder, how to use add-ons and so on. There are both free and premium plugins which will let you add more features to your websites. Power pack and Ultimate Add On are some of them which will add more functionality to your beaver builder website. Beaver builder is also WooCommerce supportive so you can even create eCommerce websites easily using beaver builder.

These are only a few benefits of beaver builder that will help you to create beautiful websites. This is fully customizable and has all the features which are user friendly and easy to use that makes you work with peace of mind. Also beaver builder plugin comes with a license to use on unlimited sites. These reasons are enough to choose beaver builder to build you an efficient, reliable and quality website within a small amount of time period.

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