Where Should You Host Your Website

How to choose the right Website Hosting Service?

Website hosting services allow you to host your website in the internet so all the customers can see what your website is about. It is similar to how you rent a building to hold your business. Instead of a physical building you rent a small space in the internet to hold your virtual business. Basically, these hosting services provide you with all the facilities to run your website in the web and to keep it running so your customers can access the website when they type in your website URL.

Today, you can find many hosting services that would fulfil all the facilities for all business types. There are some web hosting services that allow you to build your entire website while there are others that will only provide the hosting services to host your website in the web. So it is important to choose what is best for your business.

There are certain factors that you should consider when choosing the perfect web hosting service.


You should mainly consider your disk space and bandwidth needs when choosing a hosting service. The more pages and graphics your site has, you will need more bandwidth and if it’s a simple site then you won’t need that much bandwidth to maintain your website. Same goes for the amount of traffic your website generate. If it’s high then you would need a high bandwidth and if it’s not that much traffic then you can go for less disk space and bandwidth space. The bandwidth maintain the website so it will not crash due to heavy load or heavy traffic so pay your attention first to choosing a service with compatible bandwidth to your website.


The type of operating systems that are supported by the hosting service provider is also important when choosing one for your website to host. It should be compatible so that you won’t have to switch operating systems so keep that in mind.


When considering a web hosting service, pay attention to the fact how much it will be reliable and available. The higher the availability rates, higher the chance of your website maintaining smoothly without interruptions.


The fourth factor that you should think about when choosing a hosting service is Security. It is about things like user authentication, backups, firewalls and such things. So when selecting the best we hosting service for your business remember to inspect about its available security features.

Hosting Packages

Second most important thing to consider about when selecting a suitable website hosting service is inspecting what hosting package that would suite your website. Following are the main packages that are available. You should choose the one that is best for your website by comparing pros and cons of each package with your business type.


When multiple sites are stored in a server it’s called Shared web hosting. This is the basic package and it is cost effective. But sharing space would also mean that resources are finite. This is suitable for small and starter websites with lesser needs like sending emails and file sharing.


VPS, also known as Virtual private server is a mix between shared and dedicated servers. You share the server space with others but at the same time a virtual server is created for your own use by the server. This will provide both flexibility and scalability to your site along with enough power. If you want a more affordable option along with safety and reliability , VPS is a great solution because it keeps your site separately from other site while providing all the resources just for you.


In Dedicated hosting, you are the sole owner of the server. Your site get all the resources, memory and power. So this is the most costly option but if your website is a full scale business it’s all worth it. This package will gives you full control over the server along with administrative access to the server. i


WordPress belongs to shared hosting yet it is more specialized. This basically works for websites created by WordPress. Features like fast loading time, WordPress updates and security features that specifically works on WordPress are present in this package.

Based on the above information, below are some of the most popular website hosting services in the market that you can choose depending on the business you have.

Best website hosting services


Bluehost is a leading website hosting provider that provide you with many advantages like free 24/7 life time support, free domain name for the 1st year, unlimited disk space and many more. This is specially recommended for WordPress website hosting. Bluehost provide flexible and secure platform to host your WordPress website with special benefits for beginners like free domain names and free SSL certificate and discounts.

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is considered as the world’s largest domain name registrar. This provides WordPress hosting, Website hosting on Linux and ASP.net platforms along with VPS hosting and dedicated servers. GoDaddy also comes with additional features like website marking, emails that match your domain with 24/7 customer service to help you with anything you need.

3. HostGator

As a popular website hosting service, HostGator provide hosting packages with affordable payment plans that suits all your requirements. They have hosting plans from hatchling plan to baby plan to business plan that covers all kinds of websites from blogs to eCommerce websites. HostGator will also provide you with Unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate and free domain for all the plans you choose.

4. WordPress

WordPress.com is a free web hosting service. They have domain to suite every business and hosting plans for everyone. The free hosting plan offers you a 3 GB storage and access to free templates for your website. You can also go for a paid version where there are no ads unlike the free service along with the freedom to choose a custom domain name. This differs from WordPress.org which can create self hosted websites.

5. DreamHost

As one of the oldest website hosting services in the world, DreamHost provide fast, secure and up-to-date platform to host your websites. It has plans for WordPress hosting, Website hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting along with a WP website builder. You can choose any package that suite you to host you website using DreamHost.

6. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon web services is one of the most popular web hosting services in the world. This is mostly suitable for large businesses. But if you want to polish up your developing skills, this is great as a learning platform for both beginners and professional alike. AWS is mostly used for clod hosting.

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