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The Sunshine Coast’s Most Trusted Vet

Dr Ernie Young graduated from the Sydney University Veterinary School in 1974 after attending the Hurlstone Agricultural High School in Glenfield.

His first two positions were in Wellington and Kiamma, moving to Sydney in 1977 where he purchased the Bass Hill Veterinary Hospital in 1979. Ernie owned and operated that clinic for more than 23 years as was a valued member of the local community.

After selling the Bass Hill Veterinary Hospital in 2002, Ernie worked as a locum vet in Canberra and New South Wales before making the decision to head to the sunny shores of Queensland in 2011.

Welcome to the Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic, a full-service companion-animal clinic, where we truly understand how special your furry friends are and treat them as if they were our own.

The Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic was opened by Dr Ernie Young and Annette Cochrane in October 2015 and it has already been voted as the Sunshine Coast’s most trusted vet.

With more than forty years of experience in providing quality care for pets both big and small, and in offering a compassionate service to the people who love them, Ernie and Annette are the team to rely on when your companion-animal needs a little bit of TLC.

Their mission is to be there for your pet from puppy or kittenhood right through to their senior years. Ernie and Annette are both dedicated animal lovers who will provide a personalised, unique treatment plan for your pet, followed up with the support and care that both you and your pet need.

When you take care of someone’s beloved pet they are trusting you with a member of their family. Annette and Ernie treat every animal that comes through their door with an individual treatment plan that has been designed just for your pet.


There is no such thing as ‘take a number and stand in line’ at the Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic. Both the pets themselves along with their humans are given the VIP treatment. This personal touch is what makes the Battery Hill Veterinary Clinic stand out on the Sunshine Coast.

So if your pup needs a needle or your kitty needs their teeth cleaned, then Ernie and Annette are the ones to call.